Malaysia is one of the booming economies in Asia, with average GDP growth of 7.2 per cent in 2010. It is a member of prominent trade organisations like APEC, ASEAN, IOR-ARC and WTO, with most firms engaged in manufacturing products that are to be sold in foreign markets. Webinars are being increasingly used by such firms as viable marketing tools in order to capture a sizeable clientele. These web-based seminars can serve as effective avenues for product launches, product promotion activities, market reviews, which are synonymous with online marketing campaigns. These ensure significant savings in terms of cost and money without compromising on effectiveness of conventional seminars. Webinars help the employees of Malaysian firms to seamlessly conduct seminars without physically meeting each other.
In the wake of rising environmental burden, Malaysia has taken initiatives in order to achieve sustainable development. In case of conventional seminars, the participants across the world need to be at the same place on the same time. This is not just inconvenient but also calls for long distance travelling and subsequent fuel usage. However, with reliable webinar solutions, an individual can create virtual space to bring participants at the same place and at the same time. These services can be made use of via easy-to-access and simple webinar software which can work on several operating systems like Mac, Linux and Windows.
Preparing slides for webinars is simple and can be accomplished in the same way as normal presentations. The common software such as MS Power Point and Open Office Impress can be made use of while developing the content of slides. Animations can also be used in order to give emphasis to certain portion of the video presentation. Further, editing software like Adobe After Effects and Jahshaka can be additionally used to make the content more impacting.
In Malaysia, webinars can be conducted by using making use of simple web conference and telephone media. The participants just need to dial a pre decided number and listen to the moderator giving all the audio details concerning the presentations. Hence, cost involved in conventional seminar comes down while the efficiency remains intact. The host can conveniently upload a video over Internet and play voice-over via telephone. This means even a remotely located audience will efficiently get the requisite information and benefit from the presentation.
Webinar software packages are simple to use and quick in installation. These can work with equal efficiency across various operating systems such as Mac, Microsoft and Linux. The software can work with minimum system requirement and do not demand high processing capabilities.
Such web-based seminars enable businesses to reach out to prospective clients, irrespective of their geographic locations. Reliable webinar solutions help check here businesses in multiple ways, such as client share this site retention, improving productivity and community outreach. However, the success of webinars largely depends on the visual quality of presentations being created as well as the interest level of the audience. Therefore, service providers render polling tools and enabling moderators to host post-event Q&A sessions to gauge how effectively the requisite information was transferred to the attendees. Thus, the application of webinars as marketing tools for Malaysian companies can be justified.