Students at North Carolina A&T in Greensboro have joined the outpouring of help and support for a good Samaritan who sustained a serious injury and nearly died when he was struck by a drunk driver last year. Carl Wheeler was helping a family push their broken down van off of the road when he was hit by a driver who was driving while intoxicated. A 17-year-old teen, Darren Jones was also killed in that accident.
Wheeler’s injury nearly killed him, but in many ways, though he lived, the injury took away much of his life. He is unable to speak, he cannot walk, he is now blind, and he is confined to his bed. His mother and his sister care for him with his mother having left her job to do so. And still, the bills are mounting.
The Greensboro students are not the only ones who have tried to give funds, support, and hope to the Wheeler family. After Carl Wheeler’s injury was first reported, a 10-year-old boy sent him half of his savings, a letter of hope, and two drawings. The family has also received donations from area churches and numerous anonymous donors. However, at the time of the injury, Wheeler did not have any insurance, so all of the donations received can agar io cheats barely but a dent in the medical costs that the family faces.
Carl Wheeler’s story is both a tragic reminder of the serious injury that can occur when someone chooses to drive after drinking and an encouraging testimony to the generosity and caring of a Greensboro community that is trying to come to the aid of someone who has suffered injury through no fault of his own. share more content It is also illustrative of the need that every injury victim has of an experienced and qualified Greensboro injury lawyer anytime such an accident occurs.
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